Our Hotel offers place to stay for 93 guests in 51 rooms:

  • 15 Single Rooms, including 12 Double Rooms and 3 Budget Rooms
  • 26 Twin Rooms, including 24 Standard Rooms (11 of which are for disabled persons) and 2 Budget Rooms
  • 6 Triple Rooms
  • 2 Family of 4 rooms
  • 2 LUX Rooms with a double bed

All rooms are equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, telephones and Sat TV

Our Hotel is step-free , 11 of our twin rooms are adapted to disabled persons. There is a driveway leading to our Hotel. Guests can use the automatic doors and the lift.

There is free Wi-Fi in our hotel..

Our Rooms


p. 1-osobowy male



For Disabled


Pokój LUX


p. 3-osobowy male

Family of 4

p. rodzinny male






Single Budget Room 100 PLN/night
Single Standard Room 140 PLN/night
Twin Budget Room 160 PLN/night
Twin Standard Room 180 PLN/night
Triple Standard Room 230 PLN/night
Family of 4 (4 persons, Double Bed + 2 Single Beds) 260 PLN/night
Lux Room 290 PLN/night (1 person)
330 PLN/night (2 persons)

Above prices do not take effect in the most of trade fair days.