Here are some places and attractions we recommend visiting:


1. The Sanctuary of Holy Cross (Święty Krzyż)

This is the oldest Polish sanctuary. In 1306 Polish prince Władysław Łokietek brought the relics of The Holy Cross as a donation.

The Sanctuary grants pardons twice a year:

  • during the firts Sunday of July,
  • September 14th.



2. Amusement Park and The Miniatures Gallery in Krajno

The Miniarures Gallery is full of the most known buildings in the world, for instance: St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square, WTC, Colloseum, Pyramid of Cheops, Niagara Waterfall, Etna Volcano or The Statue of Liberty.



3. Kadzielnia Nature Reserve in Kielce

Kadzielnia Nature Reserve is very close to the city centre of Kielce. 26 caves, with the longest one of 140 m plus beautiful tectonic phenomena make it a great place for a walk. Some interesting fossils have been found there, for example: armored fish, trilobites or corals.



4. Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia

38 objects presenting and representing the old Polish village are present in the Park that covers the area of 65ha.

Visiting the Park is like travelling back in time. During your trip you can see how went everyday life in rural areas in Poland. There are many different buildings such as: peasant houses, carpenter’s, blacksmith’s, schools, shops, chapels, churches or windmills.



5. “Bartek” Oak in Zagnańsk

The oak’s height is 28.5 meters and its trunk circumference is 9.85 m. Its age according to Cezary Pacyniak research (a 1992 publication: “The oldest trees in Poland”) is currently 677 years!


6. “Raj” Cave

This beautiful cave is very close to Kielce, yet was discovered as late as in 1964. Tourists’ route has got 180 m. The cave is full of stalagmites, stalactites and has even some stalagnates. A must see.



7. Bowling (Echo Gallery)

MK Bowling at Echo Gallery offers 12 bowling tracks plus professional pool tables.

It is very close to Hotelu Echo (just a few minutes ride by a car) and is open from 10 a.m. till 02 a. m. (on Friday and Saturday nights till 4 a. m.).



8. Cinemas at Echo and Korona Galleries

Helios Cinema at Echo Gallery offers 7 air conditioned cinema halls, while Multikino at Korona Gallery offers 9.

Helios cinema at Galeria Echo: www
Multikino at Korona Gallery: www


9. Bałtów

Bałtów is around 70 km from Hotel Echo. This place is like a magnet to tourists. There are a few attractions and let us just list them:

– over 100 dinosaur models and other prehistoric species, all of them at a scale of 1:1,
– zoo,
– prehistoric aquarium,
– Cinema 5D,
– amusement park,
– rafting,
– old mill.

During winter it becomes a ski resort with all the skiing equipment available to rent.